Elke Fenk

Registered Foreign Lawyer (England and Wales)

Elke completed her legal studies and training in the German cities of Augsburg and Munich as well as in London and is admitted to the German Bar Association in Munich. She also registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority as Registered Foreign Lawyer in England and Wales.

Before joining activeMind, Elke gained experience in international law and litigation at a law firm in London. Later, she further expanded her knowledge in litigation in a German law firm. Elke is a certified data protection officer with the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK).

Guides of the expert

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Everything you need to know about the right of access and what UK companies must do in response to requests from data subjects.

The right to be informed

What information obligations apply to data controllers when they process personal data? A summary of the UK GDPR and ICO requirements.

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All your business needs to know about the ICO Data Protection Fee: Who has to pay? Who is exempt?

Compliant use of CCTV under UK law

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Processing of employees’ personal data

Do’s and Don’ts for employers when processing the personal data of their employees and applicants. Our practical roundup and explanation of an ICO guidance.

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