Klaus Foitzick

Klaus Foitzick

Registered Foreign Lawyer (England and Wales) // Managing Director

Klaus has worked in data protection and data security since 1999 and is admitted to both the German Bar Association in Munich and the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Formerly a banker, he founded a number of successful companies, including the law firms activeMind.legal in Germany in 2016 and activeMind.legal UK in London in 2019.

In Germany, Klaus is an appointed auditor of TÜV Hessen for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 and a certified data protection auditor (DSZ).

Klaus is also a lecturer at the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK), where he provides training for Data Protection Officers.

Guides of the expert

The legitimate interest assessment under the UK GDPR

If data is processed on the basis of legitimate interests, a legitimate interest assessment (LIA) should be performed prior to the data processing to ensure UK GDPR compliance. We show you how to conduct this assessment and how to act based on its outcome.

£ 750,000 data protection fines for unlawful calls

The ICO issued fines amounting to up to £ 750,000 to companies for making unlawful calls. The UK data protection supervisory authority also published the names of the companies to deter others.