Guides and Articles

How may you best achieve compliance with the DPA 2018, the UK GDPR and – if you also operate in the EU – the GDPR and other countries’ data protection laws? The following guides and articles from our experts will assist you.

The right to restrict processing

The right to restrict processing gives data subjects a supplementary possibility to exercise control and governance over their personal data. Controllers have to ensure the restriction in many ways.

The right of rectification in practice

If a data controller processes incorrect or incomplete data, the data subject has a right to rectification. We explain what you need to bear in mind.

The right to data portability in practice

The right to data portability is intended to ensure that every data subject can demand the return of their personal data. However, the surrender of the data is subject to some conditions and restrictions.

How to comply with the Children’s Code

If you provide information society services likely to be accessed by children in the UK, the Children’s Code applies. But what regulations need to be adhered to? When do they apply? What do companies have to do to achieve compliance?

Inadequate security of personal data leads to £4,400,000 fine

Because Interserve Group Limited had not set up sufficient technical and organisational measures, a phishing attack was not only successful, it also took months to recover the affected data. Most of the mistakes could have been easily avoided.

The right to be informed

What information obligations apply to data controllers when they process personal data? A summary of the UK GDPR and ICO requirements.

UK cookie law explained

A clear summary for UK businesses of what must be regarded when setting cookies on websites: legal basis, compliance, and practical tips.