Guides and Articles

How may you best achieve compliance with the DPA 2018, the UK GDPR and – if you also operate in the EU – the GDPR and other countries’ data protection laws? The following guides and articles from our experts will assist you.

The ICO data protection fee

All your business needs to know about the ICO Data Protection Fee: Who has to pay? Who is exempt?

Compliant use of CCTV under UK law

What does data protection law say about video surveillance and how can you reconcile the rights of those affected and your interests as a company? These five steps will lead you to success!

Processing of employees’ personal data

Do’s and Don’ts for employers when processing the personal data of their employees and applicants. Our practical roundup and explanation of an ICO guidance.

ICO’s guidance on the use of artificial intelligence

Data protection should be one of your core concerns if you use or develop systems based on artificial intelligence (AI). Which data protection principles must be considered? Which best practises can help? Our roundup of the ICO’s guidance will give you the necessary insight.

Transfer Risk Assessment (TRA)

What UK companies should consider when transferring data to restricted countries. The ultimate guide to Transfer Risk Assessments and the TRA tool of the ICO.